Taking a hard look at sales, and what was missing...


I've always loved connecting with people. Any role based on talking to and getting to know people was a dream job for me. Early in my career, this opened an easy transition into the world of sales. The first problem I encountered in sales was that my managers didn't see people, they only saw a sale. Because of my natural ability to connect with almost everyone I come in contact with, and to quickly establish trust with those people, I became a target for sales managers to exploit my talents and abilities. I hated making meaningful relationships with partners and clients, only for a co-worker to swoop in and gouge the company that I had worked so hard to connect with and come to care about. People are genuinely interested in being treated human and they are aware when they have become your next paycheck. If relationships are established first, then every transaction that takes place thereafter is one of confidence and not buyers remorse. The sale is very important but it is not the most important.  

Disgusted by sales, I moved on to business development. I know what you're thinking: "Isn't that the same thing?" Trust me, I've heard it before. Too often, the terms "sales" and "business development" are used synonymously. So, it's my goal to delineate the two and reclaim the integrity of "Business Development" as what it's supposed to be: relationship building.

I truly want to help you develop your business into more than a pitch, a cold call, or a mailing list. Your company and product deserves better, as do your customers. It deserves to be integrated into the community of your industry, and it deserves to have the loyalty of long-term customers and partners. Together, let's connect you with the people, partners, and stakeholders that will take your business to the next level. 

- Bret Farrer, Founder