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Tired of construction crews overcharging, postponing appointments, arriving late then leaving early, and creating a mess in your home? Yeah, me too.

For over a decade I was a residential construction project manager and contractor. As many careers do, mine evolved and I slowly left the industry that I loved. Until I moved to New England. When I relocated my family from the western United States to Connecticut, I was appalled at the lack of professionalism in local crews.

Unwilling to tolerate such disrespect in the industry I love, I left my desk job and revived my contracting career to show the market of New England how construction can (and should!) be done with accountability and pride.

Bret Farrer, Founder & CEO


Our Guarantee



When crews arrive late and leave early, it’s a sign that they have poor control over their staff, schedule, and workload. Our method of logistical planning prioritizes that workers will be on-site for the entire day to get your project done faster and respect the time of your household.



The final product of other crews may look satisfactory, but what you can’t see is the process was done incorrectly. Now you have a short-term solution that isn’t in compliance with code. I rigorously screen my subcontractors to ensure the highest level of quality.



Many local crews are taking advantage of customers by inflating their prices by more than 600% and adding on unnecessary tasks and materials. Our estimates include transparent formulas and inspector consulting to ensure you are paying a fair price.



As I’ve managed local projects, the worksite conditions of the “highly-recommended” crews have been appalling: rusted metal, urine, food wrappers, cigarette butts, and spills left for the homeowners to clean up. My crews enforce strict standards during and after every project.

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Believe it or not, most construction crews don’t have an education in residential design. So, why trust them with advice on your products and finishes?

The Broyer Development team includes a certified, award-winning interior designer to assist you with color selection, staging, or floor plan arrangements in your home.

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